It Begins…

Here it is, my first post. Yay. Well, I don’t expect anyone to be doing any somersaults of euphoria at this early point. But now that I’m a published author, I figured those who eventually end up following my career (in the immortal words of comedienne Judy Tenuta: “Hey, it can happen!”) may want to read my insights (read: pontifications) on just about any topic under the sun (and all other celestial bodies within and outside our solar system). And since my interests include everything from writing, the world of publishing, politics (of the progressive and radical sort! Boo-yahh!), comic books, movies, video games, theology and spirituality, sociology, philosophy, science, the paranormal, and a lot of controversial stuff that one typically expects of an author … well, let’s just say you can expect multiple ruminations on multiple subjects here in the future. Not everyone will like what I have to say about a lot of things, but not everything that potentially evokes thought and necessary questions is going to be something that the reader wants to hear, or even wants to think about. But that is the wonder of free speech, and its greatest strength, and I do my best (read: my small opinionated part) to help preserve that inconceivably precious civil right in the vaunted Land of the Free, always being the hard ass that expects this nation to live up to its famous epithet.

Free speech is a right, btw, that is all the more important to preserve during wartime; hence, preserving the strength of this right is all the more important now since no matter who we have as president these days, they seem determined to maintain a perpetual state of war. After all, when the Cold War ended, something had to take its place to justify the continuation of massive tax expenditures on the Pentagon, the continued solvency of war profiteering for “defense” contracts, the continued expansion of the American Empire, and the continued patriotic complicity of the fabled masses with anything the American government does or says is in “our interests,” etc.–a pseudo-viable replacement our esteemed former President George W. Bush managed to find thanks to the opportunity the 9/11 tragedy provided for him to start the never-ending “war on terror.” Yes, a war on a tactic, rather than any particular nation or group of nations, but considered an actual “war” nevertheless, with all the usual fiscal expenditures, attacks on civil rights, and expansion of empire across the globe that typically comes with a war, just in case anyone thought the American government couldn’t possibly outdo the unwinnable atrocity that was Vietnam several decades ago (after all, the gov has to maintain its rep for not learning from past mistakes, and successfully using fear, a patriotically correct media, and smoke & mirrors to get the vast majority of its enlightened citizenry to go along with a repeat of past mistakes every single time). If I was an executive of Raytheon, I’m sure I would love you quite a bit, Mr. Former President Bush, but as a member of the American working class, I have no choice but to loathe and oppose what you have wrought. And before anyone dares accuse me of “hating what America stands for,” I will point out most vehemently that the truth is quite the contrary: I oppose what Mr. Bush and his successors are doing in “our” name across the world precisely because I support the intangible concepts that America purports to be built on. Sorry, dude, but the government only represents the interests of the wealthy 1%, and that is not freedom, liberty, or equality. As such, I see nothing more anti-American than government warmongering and the attendant attacks on free speech.

There, rant #1 is now finished, the first of many, so prepare yourself and tremble, ye mindless flag-wavers¬† out there. There are those who stand up for principles based on what they believe are right, not to be on the “team” of the most powerful bully on the global schoolyard. If we have to live with you, then you have to live with us. I won’t get into the subject of which of the two camps enjoy better company for having to live with the other.

My political side is just one side of me, of course. As I grow this blog, I will split my rants into separate categories for those who have a more limited focus of interest. In the meantime, for those who would like to check out my website on progressive politics, socialism, youth liberation, and other important platforms I hold dear, click the following link and surf on over and prepare to be enlightened–or thoroughly pissed off, depending on where you swing on the political pendulum:¬†

The Domain of the Insurrectionist

Chris N